Our Advantages

Digital signage for businesses is much more difficult to implement and maintain than if first appears.

This is because there are seven elements to digital signage;

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Connectivity
  4. Content
  5. Operations
  6. Design
  7. Business
Because of these elements, there are limited digital signage companies locally for businesses to rely on. With the many elements needed for a digital screen network, businesses end up using multiple vendors. This makes it more difficult, adds more costs and time.

Zinger Digital Signs is different. We take away the barriers and simplify the process to implement digital signage applications. Zinger Digital Signs provides an affordable, fast and total solution. We provide video walls, menu boards and digital signage packages which can be delivered in about two weeks.

Zinger Digital Signs has limited competition in local markets. We provide you with all the products, tools and resources needed to help you market digital signage in your exclusive territory. With a Zinger Digital Signs franchise, you become authorized dealers for major digital signage manufacturers including; Samsung, LG, Sharp, ViewSonic, NEC and many more.