Our Business

Zinger Digital Signs is the first franchise opportunity offering “one-price”, preconfigured, display-screen packages and services to many commercial vertical markets.


The Digital Signage industry is estimated to be a $18 billion dollar annually industry and projected to grow to $27 billion by 2020.

Businesses find digital signage is more complex than it appears, due to the many components needed to install and operate a digital signage network. Zinger Digital Signs eliminates the technical from digital signage, providing a simple, affordable and complete solution for businesses.

Zinger Digital Signs franchisees focus on sales and service, while Zinger Digital Signs provides the hardware, software and support.

We offer complete training, ongoing support, exclusive territories and low overhead. No prior experience required.

Display-screens used in commercial environments are also referred to as “Digital Signage”. Displays can be a standalone display or grouped together to form a video wall, mosaic wall or menu board. Digital signage also needs a mini-computer player connected to, or built-into a flat panel display screen, that shows dynamic content, updated and managed through the internet.

Zinger Digital Signs offers hundreds of pre-configured, ready-to-ship, signage display packages, giving businesses a single source for digital signage.
Digital signage is fast replacing printed signs, and is also being used for many other types of applications including; sales, wayfinding, education, information, entertainment and data collection.