Digital signage for businesses is much more difficult to implement and maintain than if first appears.

JANUARY 11, 2018

by: Tony Kindelspire

Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Zinger Digital Signage, an online seller of video walls, menu boards and digital signage, announces that it is seeking franchisees to service businesses in territories throughout the United States.

Zinger sells and services its products to companies, government agencies and higher education. The company says it will offer its franchisees predesigned, turnkey indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions that they can then sell to small and medium-sized businesses. According to the company, this turnkey approach keeps it simple for franchisees to market digital signage to businesses and provide them with an all-inclusive, “one-price” solution.

“Businesses find it difficult to source qualified vendors for digital signage services within their local area, and often require services from multiple vendors,” says David Bawarsky, president of Zinger Digital Signs. “Zinger’s unique preconfigured bundled packages and its ‘one-stop’ approach greatly simplifies the process, while saving businesses time and money.”

The company’s franchises department will offer “end-to-end” solutions, providing ongoing services including installation, in-field service calls, content creation, and managed services, as well as ongoing support and marketing materials.

Franchisees will be trained to become certified industry experts and do not need any prior technical experience, the company says, adding that it will provide complete training and the tools and software to operate a Zinger Digital Signs business.